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Portale TM6

Portale TM6

The Portale is an automatic machine with numerical check (CNC), designed to manufacture various wood components, special sizes, especially two or four ways pallets, covers and sides for crates.
The Portale move on a rail fixed on the ground.
The alimentation (air and electricity) are fixed on the roof and works from the top of the Portale.
The machine has an electronic check on the axis of shifting of the Portale, vertical movement of the nailers and on the four axis which allow the shifting of the nailing heads. Optional more axis can be use for one or two bars to be used for different tools (drill, saw ect.).
The nailing heads slide parallel and independently along four axes.
The movements on these axes are controlled by a numerical check TEX (described in the enclosed) it guarantees the performance during the work.
The machine can be program by self-learning or with a special programme to be use on the office’s computer.



  • Multiple nailing heads sliding on bar with spheres recycle.
  • Axis speed adjustable with acceleration and deceleration ramp.
  • The back slides are inclinable for the automatic clenching.
  • Mechanical and electronic devices are placed on the Portale as warranty against accidental shoots.
  • The pneumatic equipment has as reserve a double expansion box in order to assure the contemporary shoot of all the nailing head units.



On the Portale machine we can use different types of nails and nailers:

  • Special nailing head Roll 55 for nails from 27 to 55 mm.
  • Special nailing head Roll 65 for nails from 35 to 65 mm.
  • Special nailing head Roll 90 for nails from 50 to 90 mm.
  • Commercial nailer for coils or strip nails up to 130 mm.
  • Commercial nailer for coils or strip nails up to 160 mm.

Numerical check TEX in Portale-portale machine (CNC)

Data management and mass storage:

  • Data can be entering by keyboard or by serial way also during the work
  • Different work management by USB.
  • Data machine printing, work programs, video page.
  • Memory on the computer up to 15 programmes to be use all together.
  • Working list up to twenty programs.

The Portale line can be composed, in addition to the nailing bridge, by different components such as:

  • Simple nailing tables
  • Nailing benches with jigs for pallets, crates or cages.
  • Nailing tables for large pallets with integrated unloading system
  • Stackers.
  • Special benches